Česká Chuť Taste Of Czech

How do you grab the heart of the local consumer?

You give them what they want without making any compromise. Most brands start with a product, Ceska Chut started with an idea. An idea to finally deliver a large scale local brand delivering local product conveniently to supermarkets and hypermarkets. Ceska Chut was the answer to research flagging a need for local, traditional and familiar products close to the Czech peoples hearts. The Czech Republic is a bountiful land creating everything to meet local needs. Why buy Milk from Holland when we have great - local - produce on our very doorstep.

The brand was born to capture the ideal representation of what is good about the great Czech land. Local themes, imagery and surroundings are the staple of the brand. Product lines are strictly monitored and the brand only bares the very best of the Czech Republic.

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