Heights Hard Seltzer Same same, but different…

If you’re familiar with the world of hard seltzer you will see a distinct set of visual codes. These outline the boarders of the design world and meet the expectations of the consumer. We used these to greet our target consumer but beyond that we broke the mould.

The Heights brand made for the city. Where others play at the beach, we looked to grow the brand around the energising metropolises of the world. The namesake tells this tale and design elements tap into cocktail world and flavour styles too. Along with the name development, we created a unique serving and worked with the blenders to create a flavour profile which can be enjoyed alone or with added bitters, juices or liquors. We had the opportunity to build the DNA of the brand with the client to ensure everything we did dove-tailed into the original strategy.

Our touchpoints and creative materials where specially built to reach out and engage with the consumers on their level. Traditional “all-in-one” key visuals would not hit the mark for Heights. We decided to prepare 3 base KVs which would target 3 key themes close to the heart of the Heights brand. 1, Its city dwelling target. 2, a modern representation of flavour profile. and lastly 3, Its ability to be served in a multitude of ways.

The brand materials were also divided to printed ‘lifestyle’ magazine and technical guidelines made on an only-digital platform.

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heights carusel
heights carusel
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