Brands do grow up. When is it time to leave the home it was raised in and start a life of its own?

Brands often use innovation to connect with consumers. Through this, brands establish difference and can even energise a sleeping category. Sometimes creating a whole new area of excitement. The latter was the case of Staropramen. Czech beer is a well celebrated category and, back then, needed some well needed revitalisation. Staropramen Cool was born.

With its success came new challenges. How long shall the mother brand claim connection with the NPD? With creating a segment, how do we ensure loyalty against me-too offerings from competition? How does a brand stay true and relevant?

You remember why the product exists. The beer category was becoming stale and Cool was developed to add some fun to the mix. Give the consumer something refreshing. Cool has always looked and acted with its own unique style. Through the years we have made small steps with the brand managers at Staropramen to keep the edge and lead the brand from strength to strength.

Lifting the brand up involved removing heavy values and design elements and in this case disconnecting the Staropramen mother brand was strategically important step to allow Cool to be Cool.

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